Recruit expert AI talent simply with veso resourcing services

  • Resourcing matching performed AI professionals, not recruiters.
  • Access a large pool of researchers, engineers and managers.
  • Rapidly grow your AI teams.
  • Engage in flexible arrangements, such as pay as you go contractors.
  • Flat 17.5% permanent recruitment fee, based on first year salary.

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Recruit your entire AI team seamlessly

Our comprehensive suite of professionals caters to a diverse team, ranging from advanced researchers to renowned engineers.

Machine Learning Engineers

They build models, including Generative AI models, and are crucial for translating theoretical data science models into practical software solutions.

Data Scientists

Responsible for analyzing and interpreting complex data to assist in decision-making, they often work closely with machine learning engineers to refine algorithms and models based on data insights.

AI Researchers

Focus on advancing AI technology and methodologies. Their work can lead to breakthroughs that significantly enhance product capabilities.

Product Managers

Act as a bridge between the technical team and the end-users, ensuring the product meets market needs and user expectations.

UI/UX Designers

Ensure that the product is user-friendly, which is essential for tools that aim to improve user experience and enhance productivity through an intuitive interface.

Ethical AI Advisors

Evaluate the ethical implications of AI applications. Encouraging responsible usage as AI becomes more integrated into workplace solutions.

Quality Assurance Engineers

Test and ensure that the AI technology functions as intended, which is crucial for maintaining the reliability of AI-driven solutions.

“We scaled up our in house Generative AI team by accessing veso’s technical expertise.”

Jamil Ganarri

CTO – Energy Sector Company

We simplify the recruitment process for your fast moving teams

We’ve streamlined the AI professional resourcing workflow to save your team time.

1. Submit a job listing based on your requirements

  • We help you develop a brief.
  • We advise on candidate criteria.
  • We manage the entire process.

2. Find the perfect, vetted AI professional for your team

  • Candidates presented for interview.
  • Pre-vetted for experience, capabilities and fit.
  • Exclusive access to hard to access professionals.

Submit a job listing or your CV for effective matchmaking

We use our internal AI expertise to find the best candidates for the roles.